Did you know that CGA is a 501(c)3 non-profit entity and donations in any amount are completely tax deductible?

On average, we spend $90,000 a year for veterinary services.  While spays and neuters are primarily donated by our important network of generous veterinarians, other vital yet costly services are only discounted. Examples of these types of expenses are broken legs, major dental issues, diagnosis and ongoing medication for autoimmune disorders, treatment and recovery from injuries, etc.

It is our goal never to be forced to turn away a greyhound from our adoption program based on our financial inability to meet its medical needs. As our veterinary costs continue to rise, we rely on donations more than ever.we may soon have to make some hard choices. .

Over the lifetime of our organization, we have completed over 4,600 adoptions; something we're very proud of. We could have never accomplished this amazing feat without help from our generous donors.

Help us help these wonderful hounds. Consider a generous tax-deductible donation in any amount to Colorado Greyhound Adoption. Some examples of veterinary expenditures to keep in mind as you consider your donation:

  • $25 – feed a foster hound for a month
  • $50 - pain medication for a foster hound
  • $75 – deworming medication for a foster hound
  • $100 - a complete blood work up for an older dog prior to surgery
  • $300 - $1,000 - dental for a relinquished hound
  • $500 - $700 - repair a laceration
  • $1,500 - $5,000 - repair of a broken leg, or major dental work

Donating is easy!  Donations can be made through the following ways:

  1. CGA Online Store (http://www.greyhoundadoption.com/shop/);

  2. Send check or money order to our mailing address;

Colorado Greyhound Adoption, Inc

PO Box 2404

Littleton, CO 80161-2404

  1. Through Colorado Gives, an online giving website, that allows recurring and one-time donations year-round (https://www.coloradogives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation&fwID=36051)


Any way you can find it in your heart to help is always greatly appreciated!