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 Make sure your donation is scheduled to occur on December 4th!

Make sure your donation is scheduled to occur on December 4th!


The Spotlight

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Read about her here – Meet her at the CGA Picnic!

 Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.– Alice (Alice in Wonderland)

 I’m the real Alice in Wonderland.

And just like the “fictional one”, I also love to chase rabbits!  But they don’t have to be white – or worried about the time.  I will sound the alarm when a bunny is in the yard!!! 

I also know that I’m absolutely beyond adorable!  One look into my eyes, and you’ll fall in love!

I must choose to take a bunch of pills too, every day (but mine aren’t red or blue).  I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis affecting multiple joints in my front and hind legs.  My condition is well managed through oral medications, physical therapy, and laser treatments. 

My current medications include: tramadol, gallaprant, dasaquin, fish oil, and gabapentin (these run about $200/month).  But the most important thing that I have to do every day, is my at home exercises.  These are critically important to maintain my strength, range of motion, and flexibility.  But don’t worry about having to chase me around --- I see my exercise stool come out and I know it’s rub down time!  I get so excited to do my exercises because all that attention is just lavished on me!!!

I’m looking for a home that has few stairs and other greyhounds, and no cats.   I’m mad about collecting things!  I don’t destroy my treasures, I just want them near me on my bed. Shoes, towels, blankets, fly swatters, the Cheshire cat – whatever I find, I collect!

My foster family has done an amazing job with me.  My hind legs are already so much stronger.  They also say that I’m the sweetest greyhound they’ve ever had in their home.  I just want to love and be loved in return.

Is your home missing some wonder?  Let CGA know if you are interested in adopting Alice.



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About CGA


Colorado Greyhound Adoption is a 100% volunteer, 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent loving homes for and promoting the adoption and welfare of retired racing greyhounds as excellent family pets.

Based in the metropolitan Denver area, our volunteer base continues to grow, as more and more greyhound enthusiasts become involved. Our group maintains a racing neutral stance.

There are several greyhound adoption organizations in Colorado. A few factors that distinguish the groups are: Adoption Process, Sponsorship, Group Support, and Fostering Approach


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