Spotlight on Humphrey

Thanks Everyone. I found my forever home.

I can't wait to see who is the next greyt spotlight dog.

"I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."
I have no idea where Casablanca is, but I know I can be the most perfect and romantic hound in your life.

My name is Humphrey, as in Bogart, but much more handsome. I'm 3 years old and like Bogart, I have an affinity for women. I tend to bond quickly with the women in the household, but I take a while to feel confident around men. It can happen, but you and the men in your life, need to have patience.

I'm an only dog right now in my foster home. So I'll be fine as an only dog, as long as you aren't gone extremely long hours. I was "okay" when we had a second foster brother, but I was trying to figure out my place and establish dominance. So maybe a female dog would be better if you have a second dog in the house.

I'm very trainable and responsive. My foster parents just utter the words "Crate Time" and I run to my crate. (Bet Humphrey Bogart wasn't that trainable.) I'd like someone to work with me on some more training.

"Here’s looking at you, kid"
I also live with a child in my foster home, and I can be a bit protective of him when his friends come over. So, I just hang in my crate when kids come over to play. Loud noises scare me and I’ll let people know that. So older kids would be preferred.

Also like the famous Humphrey, I have a very long nose. My nose is very expressive. It points up when I whine. It moves to the left, it moves to the right. It has a mind of its own. It’s so long, that I have an adorable overbite.

I’m vocal. I like to tell you when I need to go out. I "woof" at you if I need something. I’ll tell you when it’s bedtime. I’ll tell you when I’m scared. On occasion, I will sing the song of my people, "ROO".

Will you be my Lauren Bacall?
Let your Adoption Counselor know if you are interested in meeting me. If you haven't sent in an adoption application – what are you waiting for? Tell CGA that you are interested in me, Humphrey! You don’t want to miss out, it's not easy finding a piano player named Sam to ease your troubles.

"Let's go while the going's good".

GREYt Art Workshops!


A Greyt member of the CGA family is putting together a series of art workshops where all proceeds go to the hounds. Each event explores a different art media/product based around a greyhound theme. Make something for you, a friend or just come to have fun and hang out with some cool greyhound friends.

Come create a wearable piece of art or key chain for $25.00 per person. No experience necessary. Materials supplied. Assorted snacks will be provided. Please bring your own beverage or course (wine, soda etc).


Register online at the CGA store for the following session:
Location: Parker. Venue TBD (Dependent on the number of people registered)
If you have any questions, please email Jill at

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