Spotlight on Angie (LK's Danica)


“I think you have to feel comfortable with your car. You have to go into turn one, every lap, with confidence. You have to be sure of yourself and your equipment.”
That quote is by a very famous race car driver. Do you know who? Let me give you a hint – it’s a woman.

We have several things in common -- I am a great racer too, and I ran every lap with confidence! I’m female, and both of our names are Danica! Well, she’s Danica Patrick, and my racing name is LK’s Danika, but people call me Angie.
I’m excited to tell you all about myself because I am NOT shy at all!! I’ve even been on TV, just like the other Danica. I was the featured pet on Petline 9. I’m famous!

I’m a gorgeous fawn girl, with a black mask. I’m 8 years young, and I’ve heard people say that I act “like a lab in a greyhound body.” So, I have a lot of energy. Can’t keep this fast girl down. Zooooooooom!

I was tested cat safe, but living in my first foster home, I was a bit too interested in the cats, so my current fosters don’t think I should be living in a home with cats. Fine with me, if I can’t chase them, what’s the point? I also have a pretty strong interest in the little dogs too. Again…. What’s the point of such a little dog if I can’t chase it?

I love people! Did I mention that I’m not shy? Well I’m not. I will flop down on the ground and roll over so you can pet my belly. I will try to climb into your lap. I will make you love me.

I lived with a 7-year-old kid for a while, and I liked him! I am a bit head shy, and I don’t really like to be kissed on my head. I won’t get angry, I just don’t like it. So any adult or kid (the older the better 10+) in the home needs to understand that. I mean, we all have our limits right?

altI tend to be a little dominant at times, and I take some time to warm up. But I do warm up. I need someone who is greyhound savvy, as I can be a bit strong willed. I was a kennel brood, and I had lots of other broods around me. We shared kennels, we compared pregnancy stories, we talked about our pups, but I could be an only dog, too, if the situation is right. My perfect home would be to either have another dog (younger than me), a secure backyard, and people around, or as an only dog to have someone around most of the time or if I could go to work with you, that would be great too. I need someone who can handle my energy and is okay with me not being crated or gated in.

Why can’t I be crated? Well, because I was a brood, I could come and go as I pleased from the inside of the kennel to the outside dog run. As a result, I hate being crated. I will scream the greyhound scream of death if you put me in a crate. All this personality cannot be confined!

If you’ve seen my pictures on Facebook, you’ll know that I’m famous for my bed fails. I love big soft beds, I just have a hard time staying on them and not rolling off. Let me entertain you with my bed fails in your home. Let me show you how an older champion still has a lot of energy to burn. Let me be your fast friend!

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