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Donate to CGA on Colorado Gives Day, Tue. December 5th

Help us reach our Goal of $30,000!

It's a big goal, and we need your help!

alt This year, Colorado Greyhound Adoption (CGA) celebrates 20 years of greyhound adoption.  We have been fortunate that we have been able to afford some special services that other organizations cannot.

However, over the years, fewer vets are able to donate packages/services for our foster greyhounds. Last fiscal year, we spent $110,898 on vet bills above and beyond donated services. Our adoption fee doesn't cover half of the $734 spent per foster dog. provides us a fundraising method to help every hound we sponsor find a forever home. Our goal to raise $30,000 is a BIG GOAL. With your help we can continue to provide for the foster hounds in our care.

Consider prescheduling your donation for COLORADO GIVES Day now, by designating your gift be deducted and donated on Tue, Dec. 5th, Colorado Gives Day. Under 'Donation frequency' select CO GIVES Day.

Why schedule your gift for this specific date? Gifts designated to be donated on Tues, Dec. 5th, will proportionally increase in value by the $1 Million Incentive Fund created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank.

Thank you for your support.

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Boo! Did I scare you?

It's nearly "Howl"aween, you know!

altMy name is Ecko Boo, but I go by Maja. I am a bit of a spooky girl!

Hang around for a spell while I talk about my "enchanting" traits:

I'm a 3 year old, beautiful black brindle female hound. I'm extremely cat safe. I'm even guinea pig safe. (No tricks here. I know they aren't treats!). I like my crate and will go to my crate whenever you ask. I don’t mind being alone in my crate.

I like meeting people and going to meet and greets. I’m a friendly girl, but I need to do things on my own terms and my own time. I used to be scared of car rides, but my foster family worked with me, and now I willingly hop into the car!

Here are the "frightful" facts:

Make no bones about it, I need someone who knows what they are doing with a spooky dog.
I used to have a problem with resource guarding beds and couches and was relinquished because of this.

But again, my foster family has worked with me and I am no longer attracted to couches and beds. It was quite the addiction. I do not have food aggression. You can touch my bowl, take it out of the crate, and I don't "bat" an ear or eye.

Forcing me to do something that I am unsure of, or grabbing my collar quickly may result in a growl or snap. I have some sleep startle, so you need to wake me up before you approach.
I do not want to live with noisy, unpredictable, fast moving, little humans. Teenagers and older kids are fine.

I need my privacy when doing my business. I don't potty easily on lead. Some girls have modesty, you know.

I'm not a huge fan of walks. I'm scared of things that go bump in the night, so I need someone who is confident. While I do better with other dogs around to help me figure out new situations, I’d be okay if someone is home often.

Have I cast a spell on you? Are you interested in having a boo-tiful life together? If so, contact your Adoption Counselor and ask for me, Maja.

Meet the Hounds

Sunday 12/17
Chuck & Don's
10:00am - 12:00pm

Bentley's Pet Stuff
Greenwood Village

Castle Rock
12:00pm - 2:00pm

Saturday 12/23
Park Meadows
1:00pm - 3:00pm

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