CGA Puppy Talk

atticusAtticus:  Hey guys!  I heard we are going to be the Spotlight dogs!

Gunner:  Really?  What’s a Spotlight?  Can I chew on it or play with it?
Atticus:  No, silly.
The Spotlight is on the CGA webpage to draw attention to dogs who needs forever homes.  This month they are spotlighting US! 
We are ready for our forever homes!  YAY!

maxMax:  No way!  That is so cool! 
I am only six months old.  My foster family says I am adorable and lovable! 
I bet I’ll find a forever home fast fast!

Gunner:  Me too!  Well… I do have a little bit of a limp in my front foreleg.  I’ve had surgery and will always have a limp.  But I love to run and play and am a happy boy.  You don’t think people would pass me up because of my leg, do you?  That would make me cry.  Plus, I am a mature boy at 16 months old.  But I still like to chew stuff and get puppy crazy sometimes.

Atticus:  I hope people won’t mind your leg.  I didn’t even notice it.   I have a crooked tail and some neurologi… nerro…  brain problems.  I’m 9 months old and have learned lots and lots from my foster mama but I still forget my manners sometimes.  Plus, I am “mouthy.”  I get all excited and want to chew on something.  Sometimes that something is my foster mama and she doesn’t like it.  I’ve worked with a trainer and I’m getting lots better.  I would want a forever family that will keep with my training and not let me get back into bad habits.  I want to be a good boy!   And I'm so cute !

Max:  Me too!  I try so hard to be a good boy but it is so tough when you have puppy energy to burn!  I’d even be okay as an only dog if I got lots of love, attention and exercise from my family.

Gunner:  Oooh, not me.  I think I would want another dog around.  I love playing with other greyhounds and even cats now in my foster home.  I am very curious about cats and might try to play with them.  The cats don’t like to be played with by a puppy, I can tell you that!

Atticus:  I might do okay with a cat.  Maybe.  If he didn’t mind getting chewed on.

Max:  I don’t think cats like to be chewed on, Atticus.

Atticus:  Oh.  Well, as long as the cat lets me know he doesn’t want to be chewed on then I won’t chew on him.

Max:  What about kids?  Do you like kids?  Cause I sure love kids!  My foster home has two girls, ages 10 and 12.  I love them so much!  The only thing I don’t like much is my crate.  I whine pitifully.  But I eventually calm down and am a Very Good Boy.

Atticus:  I don’t like my crate either!  I don’t mind teenagers, but I probably wouldn’t do very well in a house with small children.  I might try to chew them too.  I need my family to help me understand the rules.  Sometimes I forget my manners because  HEY I SEE A SQUIRREL!!!!

Gunner:  Well, there goes Atticus.  I don’t think that was a squirrel.  I think it was a plastic bag anyways.

Max:  Haha!  Poor Atticus.

Gunner:  My foster mama tells me that CGA doesn’t get puppies in very often and that we are extra special.  We all need patient people to help us continue to learn our manners.  Do you think a forever family will pick me?

Max:  I definitely think so.  We have so much love to give.  I can’t wait to meet my forever family!

Cookies on their Way


Cookie plates are in route to our GREYT vets.

In early December, Colorado Greyhound Adoption volunteers bake yummy cookies and treats.  Then they gather together to assemble all the cookies and treats on plates in holiday wrapping to be delivered to the veterinarians and their staff who donate their services. 

Along with the yummy goodies, each office receives the new "In the Company of Greyhounds" calendar.  It is a great way to wrap up the year and say thanks.

Thanks to our bakers, platers, and wrappers for your help.  Also, a thank you to Chris and Mike Benedict for opening up their home for this years event.

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Donate Now

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