'Jar of Change' Challenge

Jar of Change Challenge

Most of us have change around our house or places that you put change that sits there for months, even years.  If you are looking for a way to help raise money for CGA and love a challenge, then we've got a challenge for you.

Collect your spare change and bring it to the annual picnic.  The person who collects the most change will get a free store item.

To get a handmade with silhouette greyhounds in the color of your choice, go to our online store and donate $20, or contact Jill at jkmodcga@gmail.com to make arrangements.  Or be creative and make your own.

After the picnic, the challenge starts over for next year.


Spotlight on AJ

PSST ! ! !   I found my forever home.
I can't wait to see who is the next greyt spotlight dog.

altI’m going to come right out and say it --- I’m a bit different. But different is GOOD, right?
My name is AJ (technically it’s Guinevere, but I’m hip and happenin’, not a formal lady greyhound). I respond to AJ the best, and it fits my personality!

I’m an extra fuzzy greyhound. I may have a little Irish Wolfhound in me, so I have some extra long hairs on my sleek greyhound body. Seriously, I’m adorable, but I don’t have to tell you that, one look at my pictures will have you making cutesy baby noises about how adorable I am.
Go ahead, show my picture to your significant other. Oooh and aww over me.

Let’s talk about the other things that make me awesome:
  • I can be an only dog. (I have lived with other greyhounds in foster, but also alone).
  • I crate well and have excellent house manners.
  • I go potty on lead like a professional.
  • I am smart and treat motivated.
  • I know several commands.
  • I’m not a morning hound. After breakfast and a quick walk – I want to go back to bed.
So, what’s an awesome hound like me doing in the Spotlight section?

Well, I’m a timid hound. I also have a bit of history. I am not small dog or cat safe. I also cannot be around children. They move too fast. They make too much noise. They scare me!

I need to warm up and smell everything first before I feel comfortable. I’m also much more smitten with men than women, but I will warm up.
I’ve had some excellent training and continuing my training is a must. I do get scared of loud noises and other people and animals on my walks, so I need someone who can help reassure me in the appropriate way that not everything is out to get me and I don’t have to protect myself all of the time. I’m showing a lot of progress and you need to be equally dedicated to me, as I am to you.

I am quite the “Hound-ini” in that I can open lever doors and crates, plus I can make your sandwich disappear in the blink of an eye!

Sweet talk me, and I’ll put my head in your lap so you can pet me. I will play bow and roo when I’m feeling excited and frisky. I tend to mouth your hand if I get a little too excited.

I will love you, I promise you that, but I need your guidance and reassurance. I will give you my heart, if you will give me your support. Deal?


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Sunday 9/24
Chuck & Don's

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