Hello! My name is Blaze!

altI am almost four years old.  I am a black greyhound boy.  I am curious and happy about everything in this new world of retirement.

My favorite things are my toys!   No!  I mean…
My favorite thing is playing with other dogs.  No!
My favorite thing is getting ear scritches and belly rubs! No!
Definitely my favorite thing is sleeping! No!
Zoomies!  I love zoomies!  Wait… Okay, my for sure for sure favorite thing is my foster mama because she thinks I am a Very Good Boy!

I am not cat safe since no one can convince me that they are not fun to chase.  This is big fun for me, but apparently not for the cat. 

Oh, my other favorite thing is to run and to jump and to be silly.  I have so many favorite things!

I only have a few things that aren't my favorite things: corns and elevators. I had two corns on my feet that hurt, but we had them removed and now I am all better.  No more limping for me!  I also wasn't sure about the elevator but after a few rides on it, I am now a pro.

I am learning so much!  I am so excited about finding my forever home since I am sure it will be my favorite thing too!


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