Happy Birthday, CGA ! ! ! !

happy birthday from Cricket In April 17 years ago, Colorado Greyhound Adoption was born.

A huge thanks to all of our volunteers and supporters!

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Here's to many more years of finding loving homes for greyhounds.

"I can't think of a better organization, a better cause, and a better group of people to spend the next 17 years with !!!  Congrats to all ! ! !
-Rori, CGA President

Bella Sun spotlight photo Hello everyone!

My name is Bella Sun.

I am an eight year old red brindle greyhound. Apparently I’m supposed to tell you my weight too, but that is not any your business thank you very much!

Anyway . . . .

Retirement is very nice so far. There is so much to learn!

Women and children I love, but I am a bit shy around men. I am embarrassed to say that I got so scared I peed a little bit when I first met my foster papa. But he has been working with me and been patient and I have decided that he is pretty great after all. Maybe other men are not so bad either.

I have so much to learn! I get along well with other dogs and would do best in a home with another dog who can help me figure it all out.

I’m okay with cats. I play bowed to my feline foster sister, but she was not interested in playing. At all. Clearly cats aren’t going to be my play mates.

I am good in my crate and would be fine in an apartment. I have learned stairs like a champ and love car rides. I’m still shy but I am coming out of my shell thanks to my foster family.

I’d love to have a forever family that can help me continue to explore this exciting big world!



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