My name is George Lukas and I am almost three years old.

alt My foster mama tells me that I am named after somebody famous, which I think is pretty cool!

I am playful and I love other dogs and love my toys.  I sometimes very purposefully take them around the house and put them in strategic locations so I always have a toy handy.

I am good on walks and pretty good in my crate.  I like being around other dogs and learn a lot from them, but I'd probably be okay as an only dog too.

I  am  a  little  bit  shy. O k a y,  I am a lot bit shy.   Like . . . Super duper shy.  Especially around new people or when people approach me from the front but really I am shy around all people.  I am even still learning to trust my foster family and they have been so kind and so patient with me.   Sometimes I shy away and it can feel like a rejection and I hurt people's feelings.  I don't mean to. I am just not sure what to do and need to learn some more.  I am making good progress and try really hard but it is tough sometimes.

My forever family will need to help me grow and learn and gain self-confidence.  I even promise to not counter surf!  Unless there is a cheeseburger.   Or a steak.    Or something else tasty on the counter that I want.   Okay, I am still learning about not counter surfing too.

Everybody assures me that I am a total sweetie and when I come out of my shell I will be an absolute treasure.  I sure hope so!  Are you the one to help me get there?

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