Who Says I'm Retired?

The difference between retired people and retired greyhounds is retired greyhounds don't know they’re retired. They're just having more fun doing different stuff.

TroyTake Rifiki, for example. He adopted forever mom Sandra Ray in June 2014 after he was supposed to have been retired.

Sandra volunteers at the Saint Anthony North campus in Thornton. So Rifiki went back to school to become a volunteer, too. He graduated from Therapy Dog Training in January 2015.

He goes to Saint Anthony North every Tuesday now with Sandra. He visits patients, waiting rooms, the emergency department, intensive care, administrative offices, radiology, the gift shop, physical therapy, the pharmacy. He also represents the St. Anthony "Paws for Patients" orientation for clinical staff every other week.

Rifiki also does something else really cool: he donates blood to a national dog blood donor program through Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital. Greyhounds are the universal blood donors of the dog world. Rifiki donates about every six weeks.

altIn September, he received a thank-you card from a 9-month-old-puppy in California whose life he saved. The puppy was having knee surgery and began to hemorrhage, but Rifiki's blood saved him.

You can help other retired greyhounds in their race… to the couch… that may lead to finding a fun job by mentioning your ColoradoGives involvement on your social media pages such as Facebook. Include a link to CGA’s profile and/or donation page.


Help the hounds in their race...to the couch!

Colorado Gives Day - Letter From Rori


Help the hounds in their race...to the couch!

Donate to CCGA on Colorado Gives Day, Tue. December 8th

Dear CGA followers and members: The Hounds Need Your Help!


Colorado Greyhound Adoption (CGA) has kicked off its ColoradoGives Day fundraising campaign.

Our campaign theme for this year is: "Help the hounds in their race...to the couch!" Our goal this year is $20,000.

ColoradoGives.org provides us a fundraising method to help every hound we sponsor find a forever home. Last year YOU raised $16,735.

I’m sure by now you're all jumping up and down wondering what you can do to help with this fund-raising effort.  Look through the following list to find out how how easy it is to help the hounds

Troy Finds His Couch

as told by Kyra Garofolo
Hi everyone! My name is Troy. I found my forever couch in a not - so - normal way. Mama tells me this is because I’m not so normal, but I have no idea what she means.

Let’s start back at the kennels. I was just a puppy, and I managed to break my front leg. The good people at the kennel got me all fixed up, but it was clear I wasn’t made for racing. They decided to let me come to Colorado Greyhound Adoption to find a home.


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