Vet Recruiter

The recruiter contacts new vets by phone or in person, introduces Colorado Greyhound Adoption, and negotiates (asks, begs) for donated services. Current areas of greatest need for vet services are Colorado Springs, Aurora, Ft. Collins, Thornton/Northglenn, and Boulder. 

Duties Include:

  • Seek out newly opened vet practices that my not have a large list of charities they are currently working with.
  • Work with CGA members to solicit vets not currently donating vetting services (sometimes the only way to get a vet to donate is to have a current client ask).
  • Work with the Vet Enrollment Coordinator to get the newly recruited vets on the vet list so the Vet Appointment Coordinator can schedule foster spays or neuters.

Skills Required:

  • Good communication skills
  • Good follow up skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Email including attachments

Equipment Required: 

  • This position requires the volunteer to have their own phone, computer, internet access and an email account.

Time commitment:  This is a new position. Time allotted to recruitment can be determined largely by the volunteer.