Mentors and Support

ImageAre you experiencing some behavioral issues with your greyhound?

Or perhaps you just have some questions about the breed and how they are fitting in with the rest of your household?

Colorado Greyhound Adoption has several methods of obtaining help from others in the greyhound community!


  1. Join the Colorado Greyhound Adoption e-Group and post your questions. There are currently over 900 members that belong to the group. Chances are that someone in the e-Group has been in your situation before, and can offer suggestions or answers to your questions.
  2. E-mail your question to our Mentoring Team at We have a group of mentors who are experienced greyhound owners that may help with advice in your situation.
You can also the following links to other sites listed below for various resources:
  • Sue Brown of Love My Dog Training is a local behavioral consultant who is very familiar with the breed. She also provides a discount on Basic Training for any new greyhound adopted through CGA. There are also several "Ask the Trainer" articles on her site.
  • Grassmere Animal Hospital has a whole section on their site devoted to greyhounds.
  • Arizona Adopt a Greyhound has compiled several articles on various behavioral issues.

Meet the Hounds

Saturday 5/26
Mississippi & Havana
1:00pm - 3:00pm

Sunday 5/27
Chuck & Don's
12:00pm - 2:00pm

Park Meadows
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