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St. Patrick's Day Parade

Getting their Green out!

The new year is well under way and our first event is coming up soon. Colorado Greyhound Adoption will kick off their 2016 event season with the Colorado Springs St. Patrick's Day Parade on Saturday, March 12th. 

altFor years, CGA has participated in the St. Patrick's Parade in the Springs. The crowd loves to see the Greys all dressed up in their St. Patty's finery.

CGA parade volunteers met at their staging spot about 30 minutes prior to the start of the parade.  The parade kicks off at noon and everyone needs to gather by 11:15 am. The parade route is approximately 2 ½ miles long and typically lasts about 1 ½ hours.  

Visit our facebook and Upcoming Events pages for more information. It is a greyt way to spend time with your grey, other greys, and their folks. The people that come to these events LOVE the greys. Events are like a Meet and Greet on steroids.

Please put this and other upcoming event dates on your calendar and help where you can. It would be greyt if everyone, adopters and fosters, would commit to a couple of events for a few hours. Depending on the event schedule, shifts are 2 to 3 hours. Reminder that all fosters must be vetted before attending events.

Board Meeting with Elections

It's that time again to vote for CGA Board of Directors.

The Board Elections will be held on Sunday, March 13th, after a potluck to celebrate the accomplishments over the past year, and enjoy spending time with other CGA volunteers.

The potluck will start at noon. So please bring a dish to share.

To vote at the annual meeting you must be a member for at least 6 months (paid membership dues, or adopted a dog within the last year qualifies as a member). You can renew your membership at the Board meeting. You must be present to vote.

Elections will be held for the following positions:

We would like to be green by posting all bios on the website for viewing.

If you are interested in Running

Please complete and return the questionnaire to Mike Benedict, CGA Secretary. Emailing a scanned copy or answers in the body of an email to Mike at will ensure your application is received in time for the election.

If you are unable to submit the questionnaire through email, please fax the completed questionnaire to CGA at 720, 293-9860, or through the postal service to 6989 S. Chapparal Circle E., Centennial, CO 80016. Please ensure your ballot is received prior to the annual meeting.

Location of the Annual Meeting/Elections

Elections will be held at the Benedict's home at 6989 S. Chapparal Circle E. in Centennial.

Nearest main intersection is Parker and Arapahoe, then 2 miles east of Parker on Arapahoe, go past the stoplight at Chapparal Circle West and turn right (if heading east) onto Chapparal Circle East. They’re the 8th house on the right side of the road and the street number is on the mailbox.


Helping More Hounds in their race . . .

to the couch!!!jumping greyhound

You helped CGA surpass their fundraising goal of $20,000 on Colorado Gives Day, December 8th, 2015 by raising $21,222. 

We want to thank everyone for their donations and help spreading the word.  CGA is made of all volunteers so your donations will be put to good use to care for the dogs.


Cookies on their Way


Cookie plates are in route to our GREYT vets.

In early December, Colorado Greyhound Adoption volunteers bake yummy cookies and treats.  Then they gather together to assemble all the cookies and treats on plates in holiday wrapping to be delivered to the veterinarians and their staff who donate their services. 

Along with the yummy goodies, each office receives the new "In the Company of Greyhounds" calendar.  It is a great way to wrap up the year and say thanks.

Thanks to our bakers, platers, and "wrapping crew" for your help.  Also, a thank you to Chris and Mike Benedict for opening up their home for this years event.

Over 100 Hounds Find Their Couch

In the world of greyhound foster "parents", Chris & Mike Benedict are standouts. Over the past 11 years, they’ve helped more than 100 greyhounds find their forever couches.

alt In addition, says Chris, six greyhounds have raced straight into their hearts, their couches—and their beds.

"They're wonderful, sweet, gentle, and loving, and each one is a very special individual,” Chris said.  She describes their six special hounds like this:

Jack (racing name: Glo's Madman) was a fine racer, but he broke his leg on his 99th race at 3 1/2 years old. After his leg healed, he remained in the kennel as a pet because he was so loving. He walked into our home in July 2007. We knew immediately he was our heart- and-soul hound. Jack was an amazing 'ambassadog' who never met a stranger. He continued to be a greyt representative for CGA and the breed until his death last year at almost 13 years old.

Nishi, Chava, Angel, & Celeste were racing failures. They went a collective zero wins in 18 races, but they became champions of our hearts. Nishi is tremendous with children and everyone she meets at meet-n-greets, special events, and all social settings. Chava, Angel, & Celeste are homebodies. They enjoy staying out of the limelight and are very loving. They help every foster greyhound understand life in a home with a family.


altCamdon is our newest adoptee. He is a happy, social, goofy boy. He is only two years old and had just two races. But he was invaluable in helping me deal with the loss of my sister by comforting me and being a greyt companion while I drove to and from Michigan recently.

“Our lives have been improved and enriched by these six hounds that chose us and by every foster hound that entered our home,” said Chris. “Each one has taught us something new, and we look forward to fostering many more in the years to come!”

Please help CGA "Help the hounds in their the couch!" by donating on Colorado Gives Day, Tue. December 8th.  You can even pre-schedule your donation ahead of time.

Thanks Shari Wagner for helping CGA win $1,000 in the Colorado Gives Social Media Contest. See original post here.

Who Says I'm Retired?

The difference between retired people and retired greyhounds is retired greyhounds don't know they’re retired. They're just having more fun doing different stuff.

TroyTake Rifiki, for example. He adopted forever mom Sandra Ray in June 2014 after he was supposed to have been retired.

Sandra volunteers at the Saint Anthony North campus in Thornton. So Rifiki went back to school to become a volunteer, too. He graduated from Therapy Dog Training in January 2015.

He goes to Saint Anthony North every Tuesday now with Sandra. He visits patients, waiting rooms, the emergency department, intensive care, administrative offices, radiology, the gift shop, physical therapy, the pharmacy. He also represents the St. Anthony "Paws for Patients" orientation for clinical staff every other week.

Rifiki also does something else really cool: he donates blood to a national dog blood donor program through Wheat Ridge Animal Hospital. Greyhounds are the universal blood donors of the dog world. Rifiki donates about every six weeks.

altIn September, he received a thank-you card from a 9-month-old-puppy in California whose life he saved. The puppy was having knee surgery and began to hemorrhage, but Rifiki's blood saved him.

You can help other retired greyhounds in their race… to the couch… that may lead to finding a fun job by mentioning your ColoradoGives involvement on your social media pages such as Facebook. Include a link to CGA’s profile and/or donation page.


Troy Finds His Couch

as told by Kyra Garofolo
Hi everyone! My name is Troy. I found my forever couch in a not - so - normal way. Mama tells me this is because I’m not so normal, but I have no idea what she means.

Let’s start back at the kennels. I was just a puppy, and I managed to break my front leg. The good people at the kennel got me all fixed up, but it was clear I wasn’t made for racing. They decided to let me come to Colorado Greyhound Adoption to find a home.

Help the hounds in their the couch!

Colorado Gives Day - Letter From Rori


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