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Letter from CGA Rori President For CGA, 2013 was a very good year. It was a good year for those things that are core to CGA --- bringing in dogs, and adopting them out. In 2013, 184 dogs found their forever families! We brought in 142 dogs from kennels and hauls. Forty-nine of these dogs came from Colorado kennels, and the remaining 93 came in on hauls. In 2013, Greyhounds were in high demand, and the dogs were "flying off the shelves!" As quickly as we could get them in and vetted, they were getting adopted.

In addition to these core successes, we have also had a great year in many other areas. We did so many things that help us to be able to do our core functions.

We exceeded many of our goals for fundraising. We had a very successful Greyhound Bowling event, where many CGAers and their dogs either rolled or chased bowling balls down the lanes. The Golf Tournament, which is a unique and long-standing CGA tradition, was a big hit too. We all spent a wonderful day in the park at the CGA Picnic, eating pizza and bidding on auction items. The Volunteer Appreciation and Fundraising dinner was a fun evening out, with a great speaker Sue Brown, a "lively" auction, and great food! In addition to fundraising events, we brought in CGA record donations in our Colorado Gives campaign. Now, we are looking forward to our second 2Hounds Online Auction coming up in late January. These type of activities not only fund our veterinary and other needs, but they also build a strong social community in CGA, which is a key ingredient in our success.

CGA’s Most Famous Cat

alt It is with sad heart that CGA and the Buckley family bids a sad farewell to Broadway. 

Broadway was the 19 year old cat in charge of cat-testing retired racing greyhounds.  Retired racers weren't deemed to be cat friendly unless Broadway gave his stamp of approval. 

Broadway was one of a kind and there may never be another like him.  Hat's off to you sweet angel. 

On January 14th, 2014, Broadway left our world to join our many friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

In 1995, Ian Buckley brought home a stray kitten.  At approximately six months old, Ian named him Broadway "because he was such a show off, with his beautiful fluffy grey coat, and his trademark strut."

Over 13 years ago, Broadway started

Colorado Gives Day - Thank you

Can you Believe these numbers????

Letter from CGA Rori President I want to thank not only everyone who was involved with Colorado Gives Day, but also everyone who donated, asked someone else to donate, sent emails, or posted on your Facebook page.

Colorado Gives day was a huge success for CGA this year, achieving more that 60% growth over last year! That is huge!

This is a great example of the strength of the CGA community.  CGA Volunteers put together our campaign, with Denise Fortman spearheading it, and Dian Frank managing the marketing efforts. Paige, Heidi , and the Shanleys made sure the word got out to the public.  The entire Board and several Coordinators contributed to the information on the Colorado Gives CGA Page.  Many of you attended the rally downtown on Monday.

And most of all, so many of you donated, and then spread the word to others!!

As you all know, every dollar donated to CGA goes to help the dogs. We are all volunteers, so there are no salaries, bonuses, etc.  So, please know that your donations will be put to good use to care for the dogs.

Thank you again,
Rori Mattson
President, Colorado Greyhound Adoption

Kira's Story


We want to share a very special CGA story with all of you on this Thanksgiving Day. Please know that CGA would never deliberately have a litter of puppies. This was a unique situation in which we brought a dog in from a shelter not knowing she was pregnant.

Back in September 2013, we got a call from a Nebraska Animal Shelter. They had 2 dogs that had been relinquished by their owners. They were being raised to hunt coyotes. The owners were moving, and brought the two to the shelter. Neither dog was tattooed, and neither had been spayed or neutered. This shelter works hard to get Greyhounds to Adoption Groups, and to keep them from the coyote hunters.

In the Company of Greyhounds Calendar

KathyEach year since 2009, as project manager, Kathy Rowley, and a wonderful team of volunteers have produced a gorgeous calendar to raise money to help pay for vet expenses for retired racing greyhounds that CGA works so hard to find forever homes.

All calendars feature CGA volunteers and their greyt hounds. All services for the production of the calendars are donated, with the exception of printing costs.

In 2009, volunteers dolled themselves up, donned fake eyelashes, and flirted with the camera at various locations through Lakewood to produce the first CGA "Greyt Cheesecake Calendar".   For 2010, volunteers dressed up and went back in time decked out in costumes to pose for the "Greyhounds Through the Ages" calendar.  Each month of the 2010 calendar provided a note on the historical importance of greyhounds throughout the ages.

In 2011, the calendar's theme became "In The Company of Greyhounds", and it has remained through the production of the 2015 calendar.

The 2012 calendar used the grounds of Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado, and Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado.  In 2013, photos were shot at the heart of the Auraria Campus on Ninth Street Historic Park in Denver, Colorado.  And the stunning location for the 2014 calendar, also dedicated to Uncle Billy, was River North, Denver.


Donations Needed

Click the image above to view a larger version, which can be printed and posted around.  Remember, you CAN make a difference.

Spotlight on Cricket

CricketHi, my name is Cricket. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.

Let me start with I am one lucky greyhound! In May of 2012 when I was 9 months old Colorado Greyhound Adoption brought me, yes me into the adoption program! They knew I was a “special needs” puppy but that didn’t deter them. Besides, when you look at my face, how could they resist?


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