Hello out there! My name is Zita a.k.a. 'Twink'

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I'm a 3 year old fawn female greyhound weighing in at whopping 46 lbs.
You go it, a pint size greyhound and yes, I'm not intimidated by the boys (30 lbs. heavier). I'm friendly, playful, fun loving, I enjoy warming up my joints laying in the sun, and I like to mouth wrestle with Sean (my best grey pal).

I came to CGA just before my 1st birthday. Shortly after my arrival I had a difficult time getting up and moving. My joints were swollen and very stiff. The diagnosis was IMPA (Immune Mediated Polyarthritis). A month or so later, my coat was disappearing - my thyroid wasn't working right.

My vet, Dr. Adams, put me on herbs, joint supplements/injections to help maintain my joints, flexibility, and immune system. I also got medicine for my thyroid (have to get tested each year). I have had acupuncture, and electro acupuncture, and Traumeel injections to relax muscles as needed.

The staff at my vet's office nicknamed me 'Twinkle Toes' because of the way I walk, but I'm not offended because they love me. I need to be careful about getting any injuries/infections or anything that will affect my immune system. All the meds/supplements make me a high maintenance little girl.

I don't let this get me down and my paws are 'pedal to the metal' most of the time. We greys are special and as the potato chip commercial referred to - 'it's hard to have just one' as many in CGA know to be a fact.


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