In the Company of Greyhounds Calendar

KathyEach year since 2009, as project manager, Kathy Rowley, and a wonderful team of volunteers have produced a gorgeous calendar to raise money to help pay for vet expenses for retired racing greyhounds that CGA works so hard to find forever homes.

All calendars feature CGA volunteers and their greyt hounds. All services for the production of the calendars are donated, with the exception of printing costs.

In 2009, volunteers dolled themselves up, donned fake eyelashes, and flirted with the camera at various locations through Lakewood to produce the first CGA "Greyt Cheesecake Calendar".   For 2010, volunteers dressed up and went back in time decked out in costumes to pose for the "Greyhounds Through the Ages" calendar.  Each month of the 2010 calendar provided a note on the historical importance of greyhounds throughout the ages.

In 2011, the calendar's theme became "In The Company of Greyhounds", and it has remained through the production of the 2015 calendar.

The 2012 calendar used the grounds of Blackstone Country Club in Aurora, Colorado, and Bear Creek Lake Park in Lakewood, Colorado.  In 2013, photos were shot at the heart of the Auraria Campus on Ninth Street Historic Park in Denver, Colorado.  And the stunning location for the 2014 calendar, also dedicated to Uncle Billy, was River North, Denver.

No matter where the location, the results are a wonderful calendar for our walls.

Kathy's team of volunteers throughout the years have included

  • Photographers: Dianne Noda & Barry Travis of Studio Noda (2011 – 2014), Nicole Marcisz (2010), and Jeanne and Marcia Steckling (2009).

  • Graphic Design & Production: Kelly McFeely (2012-2014), Mitchel Tendler (2011, 2009), Mitchel Tendler and Nicole Marcisz (2010).

  • Ad Sales Coordinator: Marcia Greer (2011-2014), Kathy Rowley and Jody Laughlin (2009 – 2010).

  • Assistant: Lynne Mullen (2012-2014), Melanie Williams (2010-2011)

  • Special Projects Assistant: Mike Mullen (2014)

  • Web Services: Matt Weaver (2011-2014), Jody Laughlin (2009-2010)

  • CGA Shop: Chris & Mike Benedict (2011-2014), Jody Laughlin (2009-2010)

"It continues to be so much fun for me to be involved in this project because I love seeing everyone else having so much fun!! From the adults (men and women) to the little kids - everyone has had a good time, and so many people have re-volunteered to do it again!! I think that that really shows what a fun experience being a calendar model is! And, the Greyhounds, what can I say. They are all so wonderful and so beautiful - it's a pure joy for me to have spent time getting to know each of them."  Kathy Rowley.

Thank you Kathy, Kathy's team, and the wonderful CGA models and hounds.

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