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A Message From Coffee about Colorado Gives Day 2014

Coffee's Message

a diva greyhound who is pampered by Susan, a human, and pestered by Daytona, a brother greyhound.

When I first heard about Colorado Gives Day I was super excited!
What was Colorado going to give me?  Treats?  Belly rubs?  Maybe a walk?

Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 9th, is even bigger than that. It provides an easy way for lots and lots of people to give to Colorado Greyhound Adoption and other non-profits.

I had a rough start in life. When Colorado Greyhound Adoption found me I was starving and had a belly full of sand and rocks. I was so hungry I was eating anything I could find to try to survive. Look at me now. I’m leading the life of a pampered princess.

CGA paid my huge vet bills, and volunteers took care of me until I was feeling better. That was back in 2006. I am now a happy, healthy, sassy senior greyhound, thanks to Colorado Greyhound Adoption.

Please give! Every hound is a winner when YOU donate on Colorado Gives Day!
I'll get off my PINK throne and give you a kiss if you will give so CGA can help more hounds become divas. However, one must remember… I will always be THE DIVA!

**As of November 1, 2014, you can schedule donations ahead of time. Be sure to designate that your gift be deducted and donated on Tuesday, December 9, Colorado Gives Day. Why? Only gifts designated to be donated on Tuesday, December 9th, will proportionally increase in value by the $1 Million Incentive Fund created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank AND help us reach our goal to raise $15,000.

Also, help the greyhounds by telling you friends and family through your social media outlets that CGA is involved in Colorado Gives and include links to CGA’s profile and/or donation page.

For more information about our campaigning efforts for Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 9th, and what you can do to help wonderful hounds like Coffee.

Colorado Greyhound Adoption Fundraising and Volunteer Dinner

The fundraising and volunteer recognition dinner on Saturday, November 8th, 2014, is a great opportunity for the CGA community to come together to celebrate all we have done in the last year. 

dinner theme

This year we have TWO speakers who will focus on therapies for our greys!

Dr. Andi Harper from Harper's Ridge will be talking about her chiropractic work and how it might benefit greyhounds.

CGA's own Jody Laughlin, who owns A Tranquil Paws Canine Massage will tell us about the benefits of Massage and other therapies.

In addition to appetizers and inner, the evening will be topped off with the traditional Live "Wild" Auction and annual video at the Arvada Center -- 6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada.  Dinner costs $25.00 per person.

Sorry, time to RSVP for this event has expired; but check back around this time next year so that you can join us.  You don't have to be a volunteer to attend.


Libby's Troubled Waters Are Calmed

Libby (Look At Me Boyz); April 22, 2001 – November 1, 2014.

The following article was written in early October by volunteer and adopter, Shari.

Libby"Libby-the-flood-dog" became part of our family after her family was displaced last year in the historic floods in the Estes Park area. But what's really special about this story is that Libby was 12 ½ years old at the time.

When the email about Libby came out through CGA's Yahoo E-group and facebook page, I cried as I read it to my husband. We never even considered adopting a third dog, but there was just something about her story that made us both want to jump in and help. We were so happy to be selected as her adopters because seven potential adopters had stepped up and said they wanted to help Libby.

Libby settled in pretty quickly, especially considering the trauma she must have experienced between being taken out on an ATV, being displaced from her home, and jumping from place to place while her family tried to figure out what was going on with their house and their future. In just the first couple of hours she made herself comfortable on our couch and showed us that she may be old but she's a diva.

We've always heard how special the senior hounds are, but we never fully understood until Libby came into our lives. There's just something about Libby that makes one melt, and we fell head over heels right away.

Everyone tells us she's such a lucky hound to have found us, but we believe we are the lucky ones. There may be a lot of missing years and we don’t know how long we're going to have with her, but it's as if she's always been here and we’re going to love her with all our hearts every day.

November, 2014 - Our hearts are broken into tiny pieces. We said goodbye to our sweet Libby today. She was only with us for 13 months.  We knew we likely didn’t have years left, but it was all very sudden. You will be missed more than you can know. Rest in peace and run free my sweet girl. - Shari

Every hound is a winner when you donate your time to Colorado Greyhound Adoption.
Find out more information about our campaigning efforts for Colorado Gives Day, Tuesday, December 9th, and what you can do to help wonderful hounds like Libby.

Volunteer Wanted: Foster Vet Coordinator

We are in need a second volunteer to fill an extremely important position for CGA.

The Foster Vet Coordinator helps ensure the health of each dog that comes into foster care by working with our foster families and network of veterinarians  to determine the best course of action for a dog.  We would like to split this position between two people to make it more manageable.

PURPOSE: To assist CGA Foster families with approving, arranging, and scheduling veterinary care for Foster Dogs after their initial Spay/Neuter Package.  
(Initial Spay/Neuter arrangements are managed by the Intake Veterinary Coordinator).

This position is the "face" of CGA to our participating veterinarians, and to our foster families.  This position is one of two "Point Persons" for foster families and veterinarians regarding veterinary care.

  • Answer phone calls and emails from foster families regarding veterinary concerns.
  • Keep a "knowledge base" of information about common greyhound maladies, particularly those experienced while in the fostering transition.
  • Counsel Foster Families on remedies and methods when veterinary care is not required.
  • Identify participating Veterinarians and Specialists.
  • If veterinary care is required, provide approval to the veterinary office.
  • Make arrangements for appointments, or provide guidance on how the family can make their own appointment.
  • Follow up with the Veterinarian for outcomes, recommendations, and diagnosis.
  • Provide care cost estimates to the Board Of Directors for extraordinary expenses, including surgeries and non-routine treatments.
  • Liason between the Veterinarian/Specialist, and the Foster Family and the Board of Directors in situations that require mediation.

  • Excellent "Customer Service" skills.    Friendly phone manner.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Excellent follow-through skills
  • An understanding of greyhound behavior and greyhound-specific maladies (at the layman level).
  • Philosophies on care and expenses should align with CGA's status as a non-profit.
  • Should have knowledge of and familiarity with CGA's culture and philosophies.

Varies depending on how many dogs are in foster at any given time.

If this is something you would be interested in, please contact Naomi Weaver at

Cookie Plate Gathering

Vet Cookie Plate Gathering - Sunday, December 7th, 2014, noon.

CGA works with dozens of vet offices all over Colorado. These vets donate their services for our foster hounds such as spays/neuters, shots, dental work, and discounts. In an effort to show our appreciation, volunteers get together for a cookie plate gathering.

We make roughly 50 - 70 cookie plates each year.  At the cookie gathering, volunteers load up plates with cookies, wrap them up with holiday packaging, and divide the finished plates along with the new CGA calendar among our volunteers to deliver to our wonderful vets.


We receive wonderful thank you cards each year and see the big smiles when we walk into the vet offices holding plates of cookies and goodies.

Please help out!

If you could bake some cookies or make other goodies, bring them to the cookie plate gathering.  If you can't make it to the gathering, but still have time to bake, email Rene at and she will find someone close to you who can deliver your cookies to the gathering.

Thanks to Chris and Mike Benedict for opening up their home in Centennial for this special event.

Although we'd love to have a lot of greyhounds around, only special needs hounds can be accommodated at this event. If you have a special needs hound, call 303, 993-2618. Click here for directions to 6989 S. Chapparal Circle E. in Centennial. Follow this event on facebook.

In addition, there will be a CGA Open Membership Meeting after the platting is done.

Every hound is a winner when you donate a little TIME

to promoting ColoradoGives Day!

Dear Colorado Greyhound Adoption followers and members: The Hounds Need Your Help!

Beginning in November, Colorado Greyhound Adoption will kick off its fundraising campaign for ColoradoGives Day 2014. Our campaign theme is Every hound is a winner when YOU donate on ColoradoGives Day! CGA's fundraising goal for — Tuesday, December 9 — is $15,000. ColoradoGives Day provides us a fundraising method to help every hound we sponsor find a forever home.

Last Years Rally Last year on Colorado Gives Day, YOU raised $11,056 for CGA, a 100% volunteer 501(c) 3 charitable organization, dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for and promoting the adoption and welfare of retired racing greyhounds as excellent family pets.

Long term, our success is defined

CGA 2014 Annual Picnic

hounds getting treatsGreythounds,

Bring your human(s) to our Annual CGA Picnic on Sunday, September 28, from noon to 4pm, at Highland Heritage Regional Park on 9651 S. Quebec near C470 & Quebec in Highlands Ranch.

The cost is $5/person or $15 per family.

From bobbing for hotdogs, to shopping and food, there will be something for every human and hound.

FOSTER SWAP - Bring any gently used items you no longer need for the foster family swap - bed, feeders, booties, etc.

BAKE SALE - Warm up your baking pans and bring goodies for human, hounds, or both for the bake sale.  Please label baked goods with ingredients.

In addition to the silent auction and CGA Store, some of the vendors that will be there present are

Rumor has it there may be pirates there!!!!

Check out our facebook page for announcements and updates.


CGA T-Shirt Contest

Since 2008 CGA has held a 'design a t-shirt' contest, which has become an exciting competition that coincides with its annual picnic.  Each year CGA volunteers submit designs that they'd like to see on a t-shirt; those submissions are then posted on CGA's website. 
Next, e-group members and facebook followers are asked to vote for the design they like best.  Although they won't admit to it, the volunteers are extremely talented and the submissions speak for themselves!

This year's contest drew in nine wonderful and varied submissions.  The winning t-shirt design will be featured on a t-shirt which will be sold at this year's Annual Picnic; it will also be available online at Additionally, we will be doing pre-sales in an effort to make sure that everyone who wants a t-shirt, gets one in his/her correct size!

And now, the winner of the 2014 Annual CGA Greyt T-Shirt Contest.

In Your Heart by Kathy Rowley.In Your Heart

Her design is a picture of one of Kira's puppies, 'Emily'.  She says, "...the t-shirt practically designed itself!! And, one look into Emily's eyes and I had the slogan: Let One Find Its Way Into Your Heart.  She, like so many others, have found their way into our hearts. It's as simple as that."
*The photo was contributed to Kathy by Studio Noda who provides their time to photograph CGA’s calendar In the Company of Greyhounds already on-sale through the CGA Store.

There are no losers, because all of this year's designs were wonderful!

Honorable mention goes to "Greyhound Through the Heart" by the Gaithe family - Jackie, Leon, & Kelsey. The Gaithe family played around and came up with three designs.  They wanted to incorporate the CGA logo with a variety of things related to retired greyhounds.

In Your HeartAdditionally, thanks go out to Nicole Marcisz Ellison, Shari Wagner, Denise Fortman, and Robin Caswell for their submissions; and, thanks to those of you who supported this group of artists with your votes.

The winning t-shirt will be making its debut at the 2014 CGA Annual Picnic on Sunday, September 28th

We hope that this year's contest has inspired others to design a t-shirt to enter in next year's contest.  And, remember, no matter who wins, it's really the dogs who are the winners!

Although voting has ended, we have re-posted all nine of the entries so that you can look back at the designs.  Some of you may have missed seeing them when they were originally posted.
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