Hi! I’m Forrest!

altI was told that there is a movie made about a guy named Forrest and I'm thinking it might be about me!
I definitely love to run!  Run, Forrest, Run!!

I am a three year old, male, blue fawn greyhound.  I am super affectionate and will walk right up and put my head under your hand so you can give my ears a scritch.  Scritches are one of the things I like best! alt

I am enjoying retirement so far, but it sure is confusing.  I am a confident boy and sometimes think maybe I should be in charge.  Bad stuff happens when I try to be in charge, so we are working on my behavior.  I even got to meet with a trainer so we could help get me sorted out. 

I need to learn that good stuff happens when I let the human be in charge, but I am not convinced yet.  My foster papa says I need a human who is experienced with dogs and can help me be a good pack member rather than a lousy pack leader. 

I am potty trained and do well in my crate.  I would be fine in a condo or apartment as well as an only dog.   I have a complicated pack right now in my foster home and I am learning how to fit in with everyone.

Do you have the patience and experience to help me continue to learn my manners and learn how to not be in charge?  I want to be a Very Good Boy!


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