Fostering Testimonials

“The day we brought home our first foster, Who, aka Magic Bus, was the day it all started for us: the love of greyhounds, the volunteering for CGA , the making of so many friends in the greyhound community. I don't remember too much about life before greyhounds.  They are so much a part of our lives now, from the out-going, sloppy kissers, to the shy, sweet, spooky ones that are so slow to trust.  Oh, and the ones that LOVE to check themselves out in the mirror, shoplift stuffies, or take inventory of your counters.  From the moment they step into your home, you are their teacher and guardian, and they, in return, soon blossom.  What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you feel when they finally realize the vacuum won't bite, or the ceiling fan won't fly off and chase them.  Each one is different: from sleek and silly, to graceful and playful. They are amazing creatures, and we feel lucky to have them in our lives.”
- Tom and Jennifer Zanella, Aurora, CO
(fostered 36+ greyhounds, adopted 3)

“We love fostering these wonderful dogs, knowing we are helping give it a wonderful future. We've been so proud of how far some of our dogs have come after coming to us injured, scared and desperate for someone to love them. Fostering is such a rewarding vocation, and we feel so lucky to be involved in such a great organization.”
- Jo Ann Beltrame and Cami Ross, Denver, CO
(fostered 36 greyhounds)

“Why I enjoy fostering: Are you kidding me? Where else can you experience the joy of teaching trained athletes how to live in peace and quiet, away from their former track lives, teaching them how to climb stairs, avoid walking into windows and glass doors, bonding to you like butter on bread in minutes, seeing the ecstasy in their eyes when you say “time to go for a W-A-L-K!”, moving them away from solid objects when their helicopter tails spin around so fast they can bruise you and/or break their tails from their joy of seeing you walk in the door after a long, hard day in the concrete jungle. Need I say more? Okay, one more: the satisfaction of finding a forever home for these greytful greys deserving a life of luxury after their racing careers are forever, finally over!”
- Mike and Chris Benedict, Denver, CO
(fostered 40+ greyhounds)

"Fostering is an extremely rewarding experience.  Into your home comes a scared unsure dog that has never had the "comforts of home".  As their foster parent you have the privilege of showing them wonderful (but scary to them) things like stairs, hardwood floors and sliding glass doors.  Not only that you get to show him toys, security and the joy of being loved.  It is an amazing process to watch the real dog come out of his shell.  It is with great pride (and a touch of sadness) that you as the foster parent gets the chance to turn him over to his new family.  There are definitely tears on that day but there is a huge sense of pride."
- Kay Roberts, Thornton, CO
(fostered 8, adopted 2)

Email us your questions or call (303) 816-2799 and ask to have the Foster Setup Coordinator give you a call, if you'd like more information. Please be sure to provide both a phone number and email address when leaving a message.

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