CGA T-Shirt Contest

Since 2008 CGA has held a 'design a t-shirt' contest, which has become an exciting competition that coincides with its annual picnic.  Each year CGA volunteers submit designs that they'd like to see on a t-shirt; those submissions are then posted on CGA's website. 
Next, e-group members and facebook followers are asked to vote for the design they like best.  Although they won't admit to it, the volunteers are extremely talented and the submissions speak for themselves!

This year's contest drew in nine wonderful and varied submissions.  The winning t-shirt design will be featured on a t-shirt which will be sold at this year's Annual Picnic; it will also be available online at Additionally, we will be doing pre-sales in an effort to make sure that everyone who wants a t-shirt, gets one in his/her correct size!

And now, the winner of the 2014 Annual CGA Greyt T-Shirt Contest.

In Your Heart by Kathy Rowley.In Your Heart

Her design is a picture of one of Kira's puppies, 'Emily'.  She says, "...the t-shirt practically designed itself!! And, one look into Emily's eyes and I had the slogan: Let One Find Its Way Into Your Heart.  She, like so many others, have found their way into our hearts. It's as simple as that."
*The photo was contributed to Kathy by Studio Noda who provides their time to photograph CGA’s calendar In the Company of Greyhounds already on-sale through the CGA Store.

There are no losers, because all of this year's designs were wonderful!

Honorable mention goes to "Greyhound Through the Heart" by the Gaithe family - Jackie, Leon, & Kelsey. The Gaithe family played around and came up with three designs.  They wanted to incorporate the CGA logo with a variety of things related to retired greyhounds.

In Your HeartAdditionally, thanks go out to Nicole Marcisz Ellison, Shari Wagner, Denise Fortman, and Robin Caswell for their submissions; and, thanks to those of you who supported this group of artists with your votes.

The winning t-shirt will be making its debut at the 2014 CGA Annual Picnic on Sunday, September 28th

We hope that this year's contest has inspired others to design a t-shirt to enter in next year's contest.  And, remember, no matter who wins, it's really the dogs who are the winners!

Although voting has ended, we have re-posted all nine of the entries so that you can look back at the designs.  Some of you may have missed seeing them when they were originally posted.

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