Extreme Bowling 2013

Greyhound Bowling event raises big bucks and fun for allalt

Once again AMF Belleview Bowl opened the doors to CGA and allowed us to have our greyhounds with us. A SPECIAL THANKS to Chris Timin and his staff for welcoming us back this year and hoping that we come back next year.

With a total of 99 bowlers (adults and kids), CGA brought in just over $3,300. The Bake Sale brought in $363 because once again the CGA family donated lots of TASTY TREATS for people and greys. Money donations totaled $109 to CGA at the event. The CGA store brought in $993 of purchased. WOW! What a way for Chris and Mike Benedict to end
their time as Merchandise Coordinators.

"A GREYT BIG THANKS for everyone who contributed in any way to this event - bowling, donating an item/money, coming to support another CGA event, bidding/winning auction items, services offered, etc. Without the support of CGA through its membership and friends of greyhounds and what we do, these events would not be as successful as they are. Kudos to everyone for all that you do for CGA as the greyhounds are the winners (as 'FLASH' from MUTTS Shelter Stories said at the end of that strip when he gets adopted 'I FINALLY WON!'). Thanks so much and I hope that everyone had a GREYT time! What a GREYT group!!!" Rori Matson, CGA President.

Event volunteers:
  • Angie Kemper a really big thanks for all her hard work as Sponsorship/Donation person,
  • Robin Van Atta for putting together the bake sale,
  • Shari and Scott Wagner for helping with set-up, day of event registration, and setting up the silent auction,
  • Matt Weaver for handling the website and doing the lane assignments. Heidi Mallinson keeping facebook going for the event,
  • Pat Bates for the setting up the costume contest (the uncontested winner was Evie) and for set-up/take down,
  • Judy Greenfield for set-up/take down and taking pixs for facebook and by request of 'Mutts' Comic Strip,
  • Chris and Mike Benedict with the CGA store (their last official event with the store),
  • Gail - Sean sends you a S.W.A.B.W.S.K. (Sealed With A Big, Wet, Sloppy, Kiss) ROOOO!!!
Donations made for prizes, raffle, and silent auction items: Denver Zoo, Butterfly Pavilion, Wildlife Experience, Landmark Theatres, Cheesecake Factory, Fresh Fish Company, Timbuk Toys, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Elitch Gardens, Comedy Works, Denver Art Museum, Tattered Cover Book Store, Barnes and Noble, Buddy Collars (unk donator), Patricia McConnell, Pink Fog Studios, Judy Greenfield, Peter DeWolf, Jody Laughlin (A Tranquil Paws), Patrick McDonnell (Mutts print 'FLASH'), Sara England Designs, Rae McAdams, Martingales 47905 (Jean Turner), Love My Dog Training, Games2u, Greyhound Greetings, Shari Wagner, Christie Jacobs and Kim Malone, Denise Fortman, Angie Kemper for items she sent down for the event, Mountain T-Shirts. Iceberg Creations had a table set up too. There were donations made that we I did not have a name to go with the item.

Here are some pictures from the event...


Meet the Hounds

Sunday 6/24
Chuck & Don's
12:00pm - 2:00pm

Park Meadows
2:00pm - 4:00pm

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