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Rainbow BridgeWhen a greyhound is welcomed into our home, they become a member of the family.  When they leave this life, we mourn them as one of our own.  This page is a tribute to those special members of our family who touched our lives, shared our souls, and commandeered our couches.

If one of these hounds were near and dear to your heart, please consider making a memorial donation in their name.  All proceeds go to help future hounds race to their forever home.

To have your loved greyhound posted here, send an e-mail with photo and story to

A Tribute To: Pogo

Donate in Memory of Pogo
Pogo (Command Move)
Loved by Mark Tokheim & Lee Ann Aden

In 2003 we were looking for a second greyhound to join our house.  Along came Command Move.  During his racing career he ran about 100 races, got to the top speed class where he placed second.  That was good enough for him, and he retired shortly after that.

A Tribute To: Roxy

Donate in Memory of Roxy
Roxy (TV Candycane Gal)
Loved by Tuke and Steven Walsh

Roxy is gone.  We thought, if any dog can beat this, it would be Roxy.  She contracted Osteosarcoma manifesting itself in a mass on her ribs just under a month ago.  At the time she was as spry as ever for any greyhound no less one approaching her 11th birthday.

A Tribute To: Sadie

Donate in Memory of Sadie
Loved by Maureen & Colby Christensen

We adopted Sadie in November of 2001 from CGA.  She had been retired after only three months of racing due to a broken leg she suffered during a race.  Although she had surgery to repair her leg, she never fully used the broken leg, unless she was running.  She was very sweet, preferring people to dogs, and she found squirrels, rabbits, and kitty cats extremely fascinating!


A Tribute To: Sadie

Donate in Memory of Sadie
Sadie (Hallo Cheerful)
Loved by the Postlewate Family

Sadie was such a gentle and happy spirit who gave so much of herself to others.  Sadie was a ray of light that touched so many hearts.  Sadie was a wonderful, happy dog, whose race name was appropriately "Hallo Cheerful!"

A Tribute To: Sadie

Donate in Memory of Sadie
Sadie (Iona Go Go Girl)
Loved by Denise & Rollie Fortman

Sadie came to us after two relinquishments and she had some serious doubts about this adoption thing.  She was wary of us at first but when she finally trusted that we wouldn't abandon her she became such a part of our lives that when she left there was a huge hole in our hearts.  We still miss this beauty.

A Tribute To: Sandy

Donate in Memory of Sandy
Loved by Joy Selby

Sweet Sandy, as she would always be known if you ever met her, came to me as a short term foster on November 18, 2007.
Circumstances led me to continue fostering her for the immediate future, and within a week I knew we had a bond which would be a lasting feeling between us.

A Tribute To: Smiley

Donate in Memory of Smiley
Loved by the Tempinsky Family

Smiley Tempinski, of Lakewood, Colorado passed away on Friday, August 7th, 2009 after a week long battle with Leptospirosis at the age of 4 years, 3 months.  He was born in the late spring of 2005 to parents of unknown origin; a greyhound with no ear tattoos or history.

A Tribute To: Thunder

Donate in Memory of Thunder
Loved by Ryan & Ineva Carey

Thunder, or Mr. Pants as we liked to call him, was our first greyhound and as sweet as could be.  When we first brought him home, he had a hard time adjusting to apartment living.  He couldn't hold it to make it outside in time. Our moms suggested getting him a doggie diaper.  Instead, we got a pair of tightie whities and cut a hole in the back side.

A Tribute To: Vezzy (Vezina)

Donate in Memory of Vezzy (Vezina)
Loved by Soren, Annika, Tara and Chad Lindburg

Vezzy was our lovable lurcher. We lost him unexpectedly and miss him so much. He was a snuggler, a squirrel-hunter, a sunbather, and ardent expresser of his opinions. He was a little over-exuberant when meeting people, but it was always out of love. In our home, he was the best hound at curling up in a ball to steal a spot on the bed and a patient friend to our children. It is believed that the name of the breed lurcher comes from a word for thief. Vezzy certainly lived up this name when he stole his way into our lives and hearts.

A Tribute To: Warrior

Donate in Memory of Warrior
Warrior (Sirius Warrior)
Loved by Naomi Knecht & Matt Weaver

A prince among hounds, Warrior was the ideal ambassadog. He charmed all who met him!  I was blessed to have Warrior in my life for over 7 1/2 years. He was with me through multiple cross country moves, a marriage, and he helped me "adopt" Matt into our family, and transform him from a cat person into a greyhound person.

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