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Rainbow BridgeWhen a greyhound is welcomed into our home, they become a member of the family.  When they leave this life, we mourn them as one of our own.  This page is a tribute to those special members of our family who touched our lives, shared our souls, and commandeered our couches.

If one of these hounds were near and dear to your heart, please consider making a memorial donation in their name.  All proceeds go to help future hounds race to their forever home.

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A Tribute To: Hal

Donate in Memory of Hal
Hal (Pat C Holiday)
Loved by the Salley Family

Heaven just got a little better.  Our boy Hal went there this afternoon, after a nice breakfast of steak and eggs, and a walk at Chatfield with his family.  He was a little slower than usual, and his step was hesitant because of his bone cancer, but he spent an unusual amount of time languishing in the river. 

A Tribute To: Hogan

Donate in Memory of Hogan
Hogan (GS Dewey's Hogan)
Loved by the Zanella Family

Hogan made his way into our family seamlessly.  We feel lucky that he chose us.  He was never at a loss to communicate what he wanted and he always seemed to know what we needed, be it a kiss or a stuffie strategically aimed at the head.  Hogan died quite unexpectedly at the age of 6. The members of our family cherish the memories we have and will never forget the joy he brought to our lives.

A Tribute To: Jacki

Donate in Memory of Jacki
Jacki (Gbeez Rhonda)
Loved by Steve and Sue Bero

Jacki was our first greyhound and changed our lives forever.  We joked that she was a cat in a greyhound suit, but the truth is, she loved her people and her sofa.  Although she lost her battle with chronic kidney failure, she is still in our hearts and still loved.

A Tribute To: James

Donate in Memory of James
James (James Bond)
Loved by Dori Webb

James was my first greyhound and was a huge joy in my life. He was a people dog that loved absolutely everyone!   He would have made a perfect therapy dog except for his habit of marking everything. If marking is a way of claiming ownership, then he owned the entire neighborhood, a few pet stores, and a couple of houses.

A Tribute To: Jazz

Donate in Memory of Jazz
Loved by Chuck and Mary

In early spring of 1996, my wife Mary and I, were watching the evening news. There was a segment on Greyhounds being rescued from deplorable conditions (abandoned, starving and feeding off one another) at a kennel, north of Denver. It touched our hearts.

A Tribute To: Jenny

Donate in Memory of Jenny
Jenny (Jennys Sara)
Loved by Naomi Knecht & Matt Weaver

Jenny was such a sweet, delicate girl.  She came to her forever home extremely shy, where she had to bribed out of her crate with food.  As time went on, she really came out of her shell.  She eventually blossomed into an excellent PR dog, standing at the end of her leash in a crowd of people getting petted.

A Tribute To: Laika

Donate in Memory of Laika
Laika (Kid's Arowen)
Loved by Chad, Tara, Annika & Soren Lindburg

Laika was our second adoption.  The perfect greyhound, she was.  We always felt that she was the greyhound described in Greyhound for Dummies book.  Sweet and extremely shy, Laika needed time to settle in.  We will always remember her winning looks and personality that made people want to adopt her at events. 


A Tribute To: Madeleine

Donate in Memory of Madeleine
Madeleine (Jaaz TomandCathi)
Loved by Marianne & John McKiernan

Madeleine the Greyhound, our lovely velvet dog, went to the Rainbow Bridge 9/15/08. Born in April, 1997, she was foolishly named "Jaaz TomandCathi" (aka "Tom Cat") on her registration papers. She raced once. We don't know what happened, but we believe she may have gotten distracted by something and stopped and turned, causing a 10-Greyhound pileup, or she simply wasn't interested in running after a mechanical bunny.

A Tribute To: Patriot

Donate in Memory of Patriot
Loved by Dave and Kamille Hockman

I first met Patriot in Petsmart, he was a velcro dog and so loving. I came home covered in hair and Dave asked me if I had brought him home. A couple of weeks later we met with Matt and Angie who were fostering him and we brought him home soon after.

A Tribute To: Picasso

Donate in Memory of Picasso
Picasso (Rancho Beachboy)
Loved by Chad, Tara & Annika Lindburg

Picasso was our first adoption. A friend of ours said that he was a good teacher, and he certainly taught us a lot. He was regal and reserved; he saved all his affection for us in the privacy of home. And while he could intimidate those who didn't know him, to us he was our big baby. 

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