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Loved by Maureen & Colby Christensen

We adopted Sadie in November of 2001 from CGA.  She had been retired after only three months of racing due to a broken leg she suffered during a race.  Although she had surgery to repair her leg, she never fully used the broken leg, unless she was running.  She was very sweet, preferring people to dogs, and she found squirrels, rabbits, and kitty cats extremely fascinating! She loved to give “pawshakes,” and even if you were just petting her, she would give you her paw repeatedly.  Also, if you stopped petting her, she would put her head up and look back at you like, “Is that it?”  She loved to take walks, sleep on the furniture, and play with stuffed animals, even some that were not her designated toys!  At times, while playing, she displayed the unique habit of spinning quickly in circles, which earned her the affectionate nickname of “Spin Cycle Shades.”

Sadie became ill during the end of January 2011. She was diagnosed with probable metastatic lung cancer. Until that time she had always been very healthy and we will never know what her primary cancer was. Her breathing became extremely labored on February 3, 2011 and since we could not bear to watch her continue to struggle to breathe, we made the heart-wrenching decision to set her free.

We will miss her sweet, laid-back nature and her love for all people. She has taught us a lot about patience and unconditional love and she will always be in our hearts.

Maureen & Colby Christensen



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