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Loved by Paul and Mayme Gigl

Our precious "Angel", 13 year old female left us on January 18, as a result of cancer.  We adopted her on July 22, 2008 as a sweet ten-year old who had raced and been bred.  When she came to live with us she had just lost most of her teeth and was very thin.
Even though she never had a ravenous appetite, she gradually gained weight and loved the liver loaf, meatballs, and turkey stew we tempted her with.  And did she ever guard her dish if there was some left she wanted for later.  A deep growl and a bark would greet any of the other greyts that would even go near that bowl.  

She adjusted well to living with her male buddy, Alloway, and they got along just fine.  She had a quiet, been there, done that attitude and very little flustered her, but, if she was outside on a walk and saw a coyote, then her barking started and she was ready for a fight.  She was gentle and loving and let you know when she needed some extra loving.  

She is greatly missed by her mama and papa, Paul and Mayme Gigl, and her other greyt "siblings", Alloway, Ariel, and Abby.


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