A Tribute To: Zucca

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Loved by Tessa & Mike Becker

Zucca lost her hard-fought battle with Malignant Histiocytosis on 10/14/2010. It's enough to say that her spirit was with us until the last breath - it was her body that gave out on us. As her favorite dog-sitter/walker said "we weren't done loving her," and that's true, and she wasn't ever done loving us back.

She came into Tessa's life her first week of law school, in August of 2004. She was supposed to be "just a foster," but everyone (Chris and Bev!) knew that she was home from day one. A fabulous companion to my parents' greys, Niki Joyce and Maisy Grace, she always loved being part of a pack. She was the eternal meet-and-greet pup, always at the front, luring people in with her brilliant blue spots.

Zucca inadvertently introduced Tessa to Mike (Mike is in a band with another CGA peep), as she let him take her out on a date because if he knew good CGA friends, she knew he wasn't an ax-murderer.  Zucca quickly wormed her way into his heart and into the heart of Riley, Mike's daughter, even when Zucca ate her flip-flops and stole her animatronic stuffies...

She will be a part of our hearts for all times.


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