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Loved by Jody and Russ Laughlin

This Wednesday, after ten years, we lost our boy Frodo. We have had Frodo longer than any of our other greyhounds. He was in many ways, our boy's dog, and a friend that we had raised since he was a puppy. He leaves a big hole in our pack and in our family.   At the end, he was surrounded by all his family including Jim, Megan and Jen, and our wonderful vet, Sara at our home.

Frodo was, like so many of our other greyhounds, taken by bone cancer.  The onset was incredibly quick and he went downhill in a matter of a couple of weeks.  We were fortunate that he was able to enjoy memorial day weekend in the mountains at our cabin before he started to have pain.  The x-rays showed that the bone in his upper leg was ready to crumble and break at any time, and that he had probably had this for quite some time without having much if any pain.

Frodo was always entertaining.  He would talk to us.  He enjoyed his treats and did not hesitate to ask for them when he felt he earned them, which was most of the time.  He would roo and lead us to the treat jar.  He always loved it when there were sirens, and he would start all the dogs rooing with great joy.  He also had a habit of doing this when I was talking on the phone.  Frodo was an award winning dog.  At the CGA picnics over the years, he won youngest dog 2000, longest tail 2003, and silliest costume in 2008. He wore his medals proudly.

When Frodo came to us ten years ago, he was three months old.  CGA had brought him in from Table Mountain Animal Shelter, thinking that he was a pure bred greyhound.  In a few months, we found out this wasn't the case, when he started developing long wiry hair down the middle of is back like a Mohawk.  Our vet guessed him to be a greyhound, Scottish deerhound mix, or Lurcher.  Certainly, when he saw deer at our cabin, he was convinced that he could hunt them.  Even though Frodo wasn't a purebred greyhound, he was a great ambassadog for CGA.

Frodo joins Tory, Mulder, Felicia, and Wyome at the bridge.  We will miss him very much.

Jody and Russ


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