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One of the best things about coming home after a long day at work was being greeted at the door by our beloved Ginger. She was not the kind of girl to just meet us at the door—she taught herself to open the door!  She was smart and sassy, just the kind of girl for us.
  While we were able to teach her to bark when she needed to go outside, she trained us far more than we ever trained her.  After about a month of being told to stay off the couch and to stay off the bed, we finally relented.  She showed us her place (see photo).  If we were resting on the couch, she would stand in front of us, with those big, brown eyes, until we moved.  She always knew what she wanted, and she wasn’t afraid to “ask.”   We learned a lot from our Ginger spice.  

On Christmas Eve, 2009, she started to limp.  At first the vet thought it might be a deep tissue injury.  As time wore on and her condition worsened, the vet thought she might have vasculitis.  In the end, however, it turned out to most likely be cancer of the nerve sheath.  A year and a half was not near long enough to be loved by our gentle little girl.  She shared a birthday with our son, Rikky.  Rikky took great pride in calling Ginger his twin, and he misses her terribly, especially as their sixth birthday approaches.  We hope that Ginger celebrates her birthday with our beloved Comic, who left us in 2008.  We’ll always leave a space on the couch for Ginger here on earth . . .     

"Fare thee well, my bright star." – Indigo Girls


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