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Ashley (Hylife Ashley)
Loved by the Gabriel/Wichlens Family

We brought Ashley home in April 2002, and we immediately knew she was a very special girl.  She was simply gorgeous, half white and half brindle, with an incredibly soft coat, a champion’s body, and a face that always seemed to be smiling.  And when she sat up, always alert and attentive, she looked positively regal.   But most of all, Ashley was all about love – unconditional and everlasting love.

She loved everyone and everything, especially our family and any other dog that she happened to meet.

She loved to go on long walks, especially to the park (we couldn’t say the “W” word in her presence, unless the activity was actually going to happen, and she knew the sound of her leash being picked up).

She loved to have people pet her and scratch behind her ears and to have her tummy rubbed, and if you stopped petting her, she would affix her head to your leg (the quintessential Velcro dog), push her head under your arm, gently swat her paw as if to say “Don’t stop,” or put her paw on your arm or leg to keep you there.  And she knew how to get pets, too, positioning herself at your feet in front of the couch, or lying on her side exposing her needing-to-be rubbed tummy (getting in the petting position).

She loved her cookies, and she knew that her daddy was the one who spoiled her the most.

She loved to hang around when anyone was doing anything in the kitchen, in the hopes of getting a handout, which ploy worked most of the time (who could resist those big brown eyes?).  And she especially liked licking plates and almost empty yogurt and pudding containers clean.

She loved her many stuffed animals, especially her big bear and her horsey.

She loved to steal things (shoes, socks, homework, the television remote), and she would hold them for ransom (“Cookie, Ashley.  Ashley, cookie”).

She loved to cuddle up in her bed (actually her two beds) under her purple blanket, sometimes with her head on a stuffed animal and sometimes with her nose under the sheets and her eyes covered by her paws.  She was, however, sometimes slow to get out of bed, although a few big stretches of her front and hind legs (not to mention the enticement of a cookie – “cookie outside time”) would get her ready to greet the day.

She loved to patrol our yard (she’d run laps sometimes, which was simply beautiful to behold), to bark at squirrels, to dig and bury cookies and other things (or half bury them), and to try to find them (usually with limited success, although she seemed good at finding earthworms and then rolling over them, which tended to make her coat smell quite foul).

She loved to find the sunniest spot on the carpet or in the yard, where she would lay down and sun herself.

She loved car rides, where she could explore the big world out there.

But most of all, she loved life, and her boundless enthusiasm and joy were contagious.

We all loved Ashley very much, and we will miss her deeply.  As Kathleen said on her Facebook page, “Rest in peace, beautiful doggie.”  Our lives were greatly enriched because you were part of them.  You will always be in our hearts.

--The Gabriel/Wichlens Family


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