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Pogo (Command Move)
Loved by Mark Tokheim & Lee Ann Aden

In 2003 we were looking for a second greyhound to join our house.  Along came Command Move.  During his racing career he ran about 100 races, got to the top speed class where he placed second.  That was good enough for him, and he retired shortly after that.
When we adopted Command Move he quickly became a part of our family. He was renamed to Pogo as when he got excited he bounced just like a pogo stick.  Pogo fit in with our other grey Sully very well.  He was a goofy boy that loved the retired life, especially anything resembling food.  He always loved going to the dog park, where he would play with the other dogs, make the rounds to see who gave the best pets, and eventually sit down and take a nap.  We taught Pogo to speak so he could let us know when he had to go out.  Soon he realized his voice was good for so much more, shouting for treats, walks, pets, letting us know when someone was coming home, if you were in his spot on the couch, calling Sully for reinforcements to make sure he got what he wanted, and making noise in general.

On November 10, 2009, we had to say goodbye to Pogo due to advanced bone cancer.  He went peacefully, surrounded by the people who loved him.  He was a very good dog and will be missed.


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