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Gidget (Bs Gidget)
Loved by the Beiser Family

Everyone loved Gidget. She was so sweet and innocent, as if she would never understand her little world.  She came to us full of terrible scars, with little fur on her belly or hindquarters, and scared of EVERYTHING.  It was really hard at times, with this girl who was afraid of her own shadow and suffering several bouts of giardia (and other GI issues). We even tried Prozac to help her anxiety.

Finally, about 2.5 years ago, we got a second dog and that was the best thing ever for Gidget. She finally bloomed. It was as if there was finally some"one" who understood her. BooBoo was her constant companion. No more Prozac needed!

On November 6, I went to the door to let the dogs in after breakfast and she stood there with her right front paw dangling. She tried to enter but yelped in pain. I rushed her to the vet and found out she had a bad break close to the shoulder joint.

Though the surgery went well, there were complications. She died the morning of November 9.

She left us with a healthy coat that covered most of the scars, but still with one torn ear. (She looked so cute when she perked up her one ear.) She was happy to be in her big yard where she had her own greyhound track, racing her little sister BooBoo, who thought maybe she could catch up with Gidget for just one time. I will think of her running with such joy and abandon, finally happy and nearly free of her debilitating anxiety. The yard seems so empty without her.

She brought so much to our little family. We will remember her always with such love.



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