A Tribute To: Austin

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Loved by Brett & Miranda Smith

Austin was my "foster failure". I was a foster mom briefly for greyhounds through CGA and I just could not let him go. He was so spunky and playful, loved the snow, swimming and stealing your half of the sofa. He loved all dogs and his best friend was a cat. He even had some ferret friends for a short time.   Weekend mornings you would find him asking  "What are you eating? Is that pancake for me?" Austin had a lot of health issues, but with me being a veterinary technician, he was extra spoiled in the medical department. Nothing got passed by mom's keen eyes! Everyone at work loved him and always looked forward to seeing him. Even with his medical dilemas, he was always happy and put up with all of my minestrations. He knew when it was time to get his pills and would stand in the kitchen after his walks, waiting patiently.
No matter what was going on medically with him, he just waltzed around like nothing was happening and life was perfect. You would catch him playing with a toy, for all of 2 seconds. He would look up, see you watching him and drop the toy, "Huh? What?"
A little over a month ago he was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. I feel fortunate that we had the last month to spend with him. It was a happy month and a very spoiled month. Unfortunately, too soon, the time had come to say goodbye.
The morning of October 24, 2009 we woke up very early and went on a beautiful long walk. Austin ran with my son and also got to wade in the river. After the walk, Austin had breakfast consisting of chocolate chip waffles, bacon, fruit loops, apples and peanut M&Ms. He was loving every minute of his people food breakfast!
We said our goodbyes to our dear Austin, in our home, on his favorite blanket, with his head resting peacefully in my lap.


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