A Tribute To: Patriot

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Loved by Dave and Kamille Hockman

I first met Patriot in Petsmart, he was a velcro dog and so loving. I came home covered in hair and Dave asked me if I had brought him home. A couple of weeks later we met with Matt and Angie who were fostering him and we brought him home soon after.
  He was a great dog, with lots of quirks and personality. He loved to go for walks and lay in the grass, but his favorite place was sunbathing on his bed on the deck. He loved being out there, so we would leave the door open for him. We were lucky to have had him for a little over 4 years and his brother and sister miss him terribly, as do we.  Thank you, CGA for giving us the opportunity to have this greyt boy in our lives.
Dave and Kamille Hockman


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