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Loved by Chuck and Mary

In early spring of 1996, my wife Mary and I, were watching the evening news. There was a segment on Greyhounds being rescued from deplorable conditions (abandoned, starving and feeding off one another) at a kennel, north of Denver. It touched our hearts.

We decided to look into adopting a Greyhound and a few days after our screening, received a call about a dog with special needs. I had reservations, but Mary was sure this was the right dog. We went to meet him.
He was a blue male, about two and a half years old. No  tattoos or records of any kind. He had spent two weeks in intensive care. The Doctors hadn't been sure he would make it. He still had many cuts and open wounds. It wasn't known if he could ever run or walk correctly due to a very large chunk (about the size of a mans fist) missing, from his right rear leg. His coat was very fuzzy (a condition caused from living outdoors with no heat). He had been given the name Jazz, by his rescuer because of his color (blue=blues=jazz).

Mary had been right. This was our dog. He went home with us that day.  Because "Jazz" was probably the only name he had ever known, we decided he should keep it.  Many weeks of changing bandages and hands on rubbing and brushing went by. Now, he was putting on weight and getting his coat back. He had accepted Mary right away, but I (or any man) had terrified him.
A few days later when taking Jazz out for his "business", I was confronted by a long grrrrrr,along with rapid snapping. Then he slammed his two front paws on the ground and started spinning. He repeated this sequence again and waited to see what I would do.  Was he crazy or worse, I wasn't sure. But something in his eyes gave him away.  I started to growl, then I slapped my hands to my knees,as I crouched forward.  Jazz spun around and came over and leaned into me. I was accepted.  That was a long time ago. We had a lot of fun together.

Jazz had started life miserably, but once he learned how to enjoy life, he became a master of it.  On August 13, 2009, we had to say good-by to Jazz forever. He went comfortably, in his own house, on one of his many pillows and surrounded by those who loved him.   He will be missed greatly.
I want to thank all of the people who saved Jazz and helped him along, so that we would have the chance to bring him into our lives. Thank you.
P.S.  The kennel that Jazz was rescued from was that very one we had seen that night on the news.


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