A Tribute To: Thunder

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Loved by Ryan & Ineva Carey

Thunder, or Mr. Pants as we liked to call him, was our first greyhound and as sweet as could be.  When we first brought him home, he had a hard time adjusting to apartment living.  He couldn't hold it to make it outside in time. Our moms suggested getting him a doggie diaper.  Instead, we got a pair of tightie whities and cut a hole in the back side.  He gave us the look -- the one that said 'how undignified' -- turned around and laid in what was soon to be his favorite spot. It took two treats and a new toy to get him to play after that.

He was our favorite sidekick and boy did he love his ice cream and socializing!! In October of 2008 he was diagnosed with bone cancer and had to be put down. He will be missed.  At least he found his forever home and was spoiled rotten. In loving memory.


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