A Tribute To: Blackfoot

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Loved by the Weber Family

We were given this darling 7 yr old, he had raced in Kansas and won many times, then he broke his left front leg, went through rehab and raced in Denver and won many races but broke his leg again.  His owner was going to be driving over the road and could not take along, so he was given to us.   Blackfoot or Boo Boo got along well with Georgia, and helped fill our loss when she passed.

One day George took him for their usual walk around the lake and when George opened the back of the car, Boo Boo could not move. We took him to the vet and after quite a while they told us he did not have a broken hip or displaced but the problem was neurological.  He would have to go to Denver, we said the cost was no problem but then they told us he would be on steroids and pain medicine and maybe in two or three months he might walk.  That was not life for him, so we said our goodbyes and let him go so that there would never be any more pain.  I know he is playing with Georgia and waiting for us.  And one day....


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