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Belle (DB Terra Belle)
Loved by Kay Roberts

Belle was my first introduction to the wonderful world of greyhounds.  It was my intention to be able to take Belle to meet and greets and events, but she had different plans!  Belle was truly a dog snob and would growl and snap at any and all dogs at events.  That is where she got one of her nicknames, Witchey Woman.  She was a people dog.   I often said that if she could have had her own meet and greet she would have loved it. 
Oh my she ruled her house.  She put many a foster in line and showed them the ropes.  The fosters learned very quickly that she was not to be crossed and they paid attention.  She also made sure that her brothers, Jasper and Yoda knew that she was the queen.  Our house will not be the same without her.
Belle loved "her Daniel", my son.  She could hear his car coming home from blocks away and was always the first to greet him at the door.  She smiled at him all the time.   She loved car rides and hung her head out the window long after the boys had laid down.  When the weather turned cold she loved to be covered with a blanket and would sleep for hours completely covered in her little cocoon.  She loved the "lookie game".  If there was something outside I would tell her, "lookie Belle" and she would run to the window searching for the intruder into her yard. 


Run free my sweet Belle girl.  Your presence will be sadly missed.  Wait for me at the Bridge, I will see you there.

Jasper and Yoda


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