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Hal (Pat C Holiday)
Loved by the Salley Family

Heaven just got a little better.  Our boy Hal went there this afternoon, after a nice breakfast of steak and eggs, and a walk at Chatfield with his family.  He was a little slower than usual, and his step was hesitant because of his bone cancer, but he spent an unusual amount of time languishing in the river.  He even dipped his nose in the water and blew a few bubbles for us.  Such a comedian...

He has gone to join his buddy Woody, and to meet this greyhound named "Rocket" he had heard so much about.  He will be reunited with so many loved pets, many of whom suffered the same ailment as he.  Too many, in fact.  He went to sleep in his beloved Volkswagen bus, in the arms of his best friend, Kurt.  How perfect is that?  Still damp from his dip in the river, dosing in the sun on the back shelf of his favorite van, falling asleep with Kurt's smile on him.  It could not have been better.  (Well, it could have been five years from now.  That would have been better, but..)

He will be missed here at the Salley house.  He leaves behind many sore hearts.  But we are glad to have been his friends, his family.  What an honor to have been the ones he greeted the days with. 

--The Salley Family      (Kurt, Kathy, Soup, Betty, and Cookie)


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