A Tribute To: Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy
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Buddy Boy
Loved by Bethany Zimmer

We lost our beloved furry friend on May 22, 2016. He was with us since May of 2009. He was a timid and shy guy when we met him. He settled into our home nicely but did remain quite shy around any guests we had. His favorite thing was to bark at the mailman – he did this while standing on the couch looking out the door or window. He was a weaver on leash and though he did enjoy his walks he did not enjoy going into any building. He loved the park and walking on the block but car rides were not his thing…he wanted to stand all the time in the van.

Buddy could run circles around any other dog in the back yard and always turned on a dime. He cut better than any other dog I have seen and change direction on the spot. He loved to chase squirrels and birds and I imagine he dreamed of the day he would actually catch one. We gave Buddy his own bedroom with a futon which he thoroughly enjoyed – when he was not napping on the couch. This boy could get through a DentaStix faster than anyone…he did so enjoy his treats.

He started having intestinal issues about six months before he passed. Blood tests did not reveal anything and he was treated for the intestinal issues. It worsened over time and then he simply gave up. He passed at home on his favorite floor blanket in peace.

Buddy brought such joy to our lives and was comedic. We will miss him always and always remember his antics and the love he brought us. The room we gave to him will always be known as Buddy’s room. Buddy left us way too soon but we know he is running freely and happily at the Rainbow Bridge.


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