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Rainbow BridgeWhen a greyhound is welcomed into our home, they become a member of the family.  When they leave this life, we mourn them as one of our own.  This page is a tribute to those special members of our family who touched our lives, shared our souls, and commandeered our couches.

If one of these hounds were near and dear to your heart, please consider making a memorial donation in their name.  All proceeds go to help future hounds race to their forever home.

To have your loved greyhound posted here, send an e-mail with photo and story to

A Tribute To: Angel

Donate in Memory of Angel
Loved by Paul and Mayme Gigl

Our precious "Angel", 13 year old female left us on January 18, as a result of cancer.  We adopted her on July 22, 2008 as a sweet ten-year old who had raced and been bred.  When she came to live with us she had just lost most of her teeth and was very thin.

A Tribute To: Ashley

Donate in Memory of Ashley
Ashley (Hylife Ashley)
Loved by the Gabriel/Wichlens Family

We brought Ashley home in April 2002, and we immediately knew she was a very special girl.  She was simply gorgeous, half white and half brindle, with an incredibly soft coat, a champion’s body, and a face that always seemed to be smiling.  And when she sat up, always alert and attentive, she looked positively regal.  

A Tribute To: Asia

Donate in Memory of Asia
Loved by Mayme & Paul Gigl

On January 18, 2007, we welcomed nine year old Asia, a sweet, loving female greyhound into our home and hearts as a foster dog, and in a few days completed the adoption procedure to make her our own.  For eighteen months, she brought such joy to our household that she shared with our four year old male greyhound, Alloway.

A Tribute To: Austin

Donate in Memory of Austin
Loved by Brett & Miranda Smith

Austin was my "foster failure". I was a foster mom briefly for greyhounds through CGA and I just could not let him go. He was so spunky and playful, loved the snow, swimming and stealing your half of the sofa. He loved all dogs and his best friend was a cat. He even had some ferret friends for a short time.

A Tribute To: Belle

Donate in Memory of Belle
Belle (DB Terra Belle)
Loved by Kay Roberts

Belle was my first introduction to the wonderful world of greyhounds.  It was my intention to be able to take Belle to meet and greets and events, but she had different plans!  Belle was truly a dog snob and would growl and snap at any and all dogs at events.  That is where she got one of her nicknames, Witchey Woman.  She was a people dog.

A Tribute To: Blackfoot

Donate in Memory of Blackfoot
Loved by the Weber Family

We were given this darling 7 yr old, he had raced in Kansas and won many times, then he broke his left front leg, went through rehab and raced in Denver and won many races but broke his leg again.  His owner was going to be driving over the road and could not take along, so he was given to us.

A Tribute To: Cheyenne

Donate in Memory of Cheyenne
Loved by Joan and Bob Solon

Our beautiful greyhound came to us after a hard life on the racetrack. He rewarded us with affection, loyalty and joy, and in return gave him a peaceful and comfortable life filled with love. Cheyenne was an extraordinary creature who taught us much more than we could have ever taught him.

A Tribute To: Comic

Donate in Memory of Comic
Loved by the Coke Family

We will never forget the first time we laid eyes on our brown-eyed girl. We drove to Denver to pick up our first foster greyhound. All we knew was she was a two-year-old female. When she walked through the doors at the vet’s office, she was white, black, and skittish.

A Tribute To: Crystal

Donate in Memory of Crystal
Loved by Michael & Stephanie Inderwiesen

I will never forget the day we went to get Crystal.  My wife and I drove to  meet the foster family that Crystal was with, the foster mom warned me that she was a little nervous around men.  As soon as I walked into the back yard I saw a group of Greyhounds just playing, without a moments hesitation Crystal came up and stood on her hind legs and put her paws on my shoulders, at that moment I knew she was mine.

A Tribute To: Diana and Connie

Diana and Connie
Donate in Memory of Diana and Connie
Diana and Connie 
1999-2007 and 2008
Loved by Jessica

These beautiful littermate sisters raced into my heart in 2002.  The joy, love, and gentleness they brought with them forever changed my life.  While we may wish to keep our greyhound family members with us forever, they are angels on loan and eventually leave us.
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